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A mysterious portal, a cosmic conspiracy, and a 12 year old boy possessed by a cat who's come to destroy the world. All this and more in Apocalypse Kinda, a new indie comic about the apocalypse... kinda.

Meet the creative team!

Luke Wehner is a writer and musician living in New York City. He's the lead vocalist of the Permanent Revolution, and the co-founder of Hunger Theatre Company, together with Allison Wick. Follow him on twitter @grinchable

Enrico Orlandi was born in Cesena, Italy. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna in 2015. His graphic novel The Flower of the Witch is available now through Tunué. Follow him on instagram @enric0rl

Reed Hinckley-Barnes is a comic writer and letterer living in San Francisco. When he's not working on or reading comics, you can find him complaining on twitter @reed_hb

Praise for Issue 2....


"I freaking love this series! I really, really enjoyed issue 1, and issue 2 has me absolutely hooked! ...Wholly unique and fresh and it just keeps getting better with each issue... Enrico Orlandi's art is perfect for this series. It brings the perfect amount of whimsy and creepiness..." -Indie Comix Dispatch


"...Unapologetically provocative tale of science fiction, mythos, politics, and humanity. Think "Scott Pilgrim" meets "They Live." Draw Drink'n Podcast 

Praise for Issue 1...


"Savagely indie and smartly written."- Soda and Telepaths


"8.5/10 – “Apocalypse Kinda” #1 excels at creating a sympathetic protagonist, an oddball story and a lot of sustained emotional tension through good comics craft." - Knowledgeable Cabbage

"Luke Wehner, Enrico Orlandi, and Reed Hinckley-Barnes bring us a very unique tale... There’s no kinda about it, you should go read this book." - Indie Comix Dispatch

"... Takes you to a place of the unknown and keeps your curiosity going... The artwork is fantastic... Intelligently written." - Pastrami Nation

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